Dogecoin (DOGE, symbol: Ð and D) is a Litecoin-derived cryptocurrency featuring a Shiba Inu from the Doge Internet meme on its logo. The users themselves call it “joky”. Read more on BitcoinWiki.

Dogecoin's market cap currently sits at $10.08B in total dollars invested. The all time high of Dogecoin was $0.7316 on 5/8/2021, and the all time low was $0.0001 on 5/6/2015.

Dollar Cost Averaging

Dollar Cost Averaging is when you invest a fixed amount on a regular basis, instead of buying a large amount all at once. This strategy is a simple way to shield yourself from market volatility while still taking advantage of a general upward trend.

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Dogecoin Price Prediction

To the left is a prediction for the next 14 days as forecasted by an HTM neural network. This prediction is a basic experimental example to show what is possible, and shouldn't be taken as investment advice.